How to access the MMP Organization through Blackboard

The MMP organization on Blackboard has a number of video and audio recordings of interest to MMP students. Here's how you access the material:

Log into Blackboard and click on your name in the upper RH corner. Look for the link to ORGANIZATION at the bottom of the window that pops up. Click on ORGANIZATION.

Once you're in you can explore the AUDIOS an VIDEOS links in the left navigation column to watch and listen to guest speakers.

Current information on job opportunities has moved to the MMP Facebook page.

At the bottom of the left column is a link to SENIOR PROJECTS with presentations from the MMP495 capstone class.

The link to EMAIL will also give you the opportunity to email all current MMP majors and faculty. If you have an announcement that you think would be of interest to the entire community you can reach us there.