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Class of 2016

Alex Balestra - Songwriter, musician, Attero Tech digital audio networking, Fort Wayne

Peyton Cox - Audio engineer, percussion tech Muncie Central high school

Miles Hall - Engineer

Ethan Hardwick - Technical Arts Director and Worship Assistant at Brookville Road Community Church

Alexandra Hegedus - Mezzo-soprano

Zach Higdon - Producer

Spencer Kelly - Campus missionary

Mackenzie McErlane - Audio engineer, intern Aire Born Studios

Alexis Sanford - Recording engineer, Interlochen Center for the Arts

Nathan Sheryak - Engineer

Kyle Snyder - Engineer

Allison Swingley - Live sound engineer

Joe Trinite - Recording engineer, Transient Sound, Chicago

Stephen Weigel - Graduate student in composition at Ball State University

Ashley Williams - Musician

Class of 2015

Justin Bryant - President In Search Of Technology

Jordan Clohessy - Sweetwater sales engineer

Clayton (CJ) Edgecombe - post audio engineer

Jess Gaze - Sweetwater technical support

Anna Marie Graham - Live sound engineer, Shop Technician Production Resource Group

Nicholas Hammer - Customer Service Representative at Sweetwater

Dylan Humburg - Starting double major in music education

Derek Hutchinson - Musician, The Indigos

Kohl Kitzmiller - Arranger and sound Engineer KK Sounds, Client Solution Center Assistant Sensory Technologies, Instant Classic Barbershop Quartet (2015 winners International Quartet Championship)

Jacob Leonhardt - Sweetwater technical support

Joy Mills - Songwriter, Promotions Coordinator Cumulus Media

Kyle Minnick - Live sound engineer Hedroom Productions, Warehouse manager Encompass Audio Visual

Matas Olsauskas - Audio engineer, composer, The Indigos

Amber Shildmyer - Tour manager

Evan Soni - Acoustic treatment specialist at Auralex

Patrick Weaver - Sweetwater sales engineer


Class of 2014

Gabriel Adams - Songwriter, guitarist, Sound Technician/Coordinator IUPUI

Aaron Anderson - Composer, guitarist, Georgia Southern teaching assistant

Chris Aveline - Live sound

Robert Cracknell - Live sound

Eric Dewell - Radio broadcasting

Ryan Eads - Live sound

Andrew Hesik - Percussion performance system, dance music, Human Computer Interface Electronics Designer IDIA Lab

Patrick Howell - Audio engineering, mortgage loan assistant

Parker James - Engineering, percussion, graduate assistant University of Colorado Boulder

William Jones - Headphone and Personal Audio Support, Klipsch

Robert Kercheval - Vocalist, engineering, audio, lighting, and video technician, Interlochen Arts Academy

Amelia Mader - Music editor, intern at Studio 19, Franklin, TN

Tyler McCoskey - Postproduction

David Morand - Sound design, audio engineer, Nashville, TN

Sarah Newton - Student affairs administrator

Benjamin Peterson - Banff Center

Keenan Pfotenhauer - Radio broadcasting, Account Manager Innovative Client Connections

Christopher Rieger - Music technology, University of Miami

Zachary Rothauser - Web design, Front End Engineer at 10up, Austin, TX

Jonathon Solomon - desktop support specialist, Ball State University libraries

Nile Wright - Production, promotion, Application Specialist, Auralex


Sean Ashcraft - Production Manager, Indiana Public Radio

Austin Davis - Owner/DJ at AK Davis Productions

Andy Enochs - Owner/Audio Engineer at Honest To Goodness Productions

Michael Olson - Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Technology at Minnesota State University, Mankato

Jake Snyder - Musician

Tyler Tony - Production and engineering at Tyler Tony Productions


Alex Dobbert - Owner/engineer at The Varsity Recording Co., Anderson

Ben Pearson - Information and communication sciences

Sean Muzzi - Bass player, live sound, Glenn Miller Orchestra


Megan Ayers - Sound Engineer Jerry Herman Ring Theater

Kalalau Cantrell - Live event production Markey's Rental and Staging, Indianapolis

Trevor Junga -Live performing/recording musician, managing The Exercise Coach, Carmel

Javier Mercedes - Video editor at Resignation Media

James Richman - Project manager at Freeman Audio Visual


Paul Miller, Regional Manager at Auralex Acoustics

Kevin Ray, Bass player in Walk the Moon


Joel Schwamburger - Producer, composer, music analyst (BMI)


Daniel Clark - Film director, editor & sound designer

Andrew Malott - Recording engineer/producer

Greg Rodgers


Eric Fortin - Multimedia developer


Arthur Hill - Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Ball State University


Jason Bolte - Professor of music, Montana State University

Michael Ladd - Systems Administration at Leapfrog Online


Ollie Powers - Instructor, Ventura College


Greg Baitz - Manager, Sales Training at Sweetwater Sound


Jennifer Apple - Audio Manager, Interlochen Center for the Arts

Kristine Burns - Chief Administrator, Atala Montessori School for Creative Expression


Jeff Green - Cellist, composer, Senior Sales Engineer, Sweetwater Sound


Frederick Bianchi - professor and director of computer music research, Worchester Polytechnic Institute

Fred Malouf - Suitable Technologies, Chromatonal Music


Mike Minnick - lead software engineer, Magic Leap


William Moylan - professor of music and coordinator of the sound recording technology program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.


Bruce Whisler - Director of Audio Technology, Clemson University

Unspecified Years

Marie Ebbing

Paul Ester

Scott Blasco - Washington State University

Jason Bolte - Montana State University

Kenneth Froelich - California State University, Fresno

Rick Mizell -  Music Producer, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Outstanding Alumnus 2014

Michael Olson - Minnesota State University

Michael Pounds - Associate Professor music theory and composition, Ball State University

Jeff Seitz -  Audio systems engineer, Ball State University


Nelson, Bridget

Nuernberger, Kyle 

Oelling, Kirby

Ostrom, Tony

Owen, Matt

Perla, Brian

Peters, Brian

Piatt, Rick

Planet, Kim

Poinsett-Yoshida, Joel

Powell, Kevin

Preissing, Christopher

Pruitt, Justin

Rhode, Anthony

Rhodes, Jameson

Rhonemus, Brian 

Rodgers, Greg

Ross, Jon

Rummel, Justin

Ryan, Jay

Sandefur, Scott

Schneider, Daniel

Sells, Noland

(Sknerski) Hartman, Sarah

Smith, Rod

Springer, Dennis

Straeffer, Steven

Straight, Dennis

Swinney, Bradley

Toth, Gary

Trapp, Heidi

Tuttle, Brian

Weaver, Brent

Wingate, Charles (Kit)

Wilson, Adam

Wilson, John