The Art and Science of Sound Recording, by Alan Parsons

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I enjoyed the workshop in Chicago yesterday with Alan Parsons. It was a great experience for those in attendance recording a song with Chris Siebold. Alan has an illustrious career beginning with being involved with some of the later recordings by The Beatles, recording Dark Side of The Moon, and his own, ongoing work with the Alan Parsons Project.

His book and DVD set provide lots of information on recording.

Alan Parsons, Julian Colbeck, and Robert Willey

GSWMP YouTube playlist now has all 73 videos from the book

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Hal Leonard kindly gave me permission to post all 73 of the videos from the book on the Getting Started With Music Production YouTube playlist. This will make it easier for readers, who get the multi-track session files that go with them, to access them on a wider range of systems. Anyone else that is interested in audio production and using Studio One is welcome to observe.

Check out the YouTube site for the 73 videos, along with new lessons, tips, and tricks.

How to create mp3 files with iTunes

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iTunes (free for Windows or Apple computers) can be used to convert audio files between audio file formats. This video shows you how to convert an audio file into .mp3 format and add information about the song and add album art and lyrics.

Recording yourself on YouTube

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I made this video for the students in my summer songwriting class, but you can use the information, especially in the first part, for recording yourself on YouTube. There's a section where it shows how to copy the URL for your video and then to paste it into Blackboard, the learning management system we use at Ball State University. If you're not part of the class you can email me that link instead.

Welcome to the Getting Started With Music Production blog

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I'll be using this blog to answer questions about the Getting Started With Music Production book, add new lessons, and comment on developments in audio production. You're welcome to include links in the Message field to videos you've posted on YouTube. Please sign up for the newsletter to get more information.

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