Getting Started with Music Production

Multi-track Mix Sessions


Sam Broussard: Times Like These


Alfredo Cardim: Evening In Copacabana



Caleb Elliott: Where You Wanna Be

Adam Ezra Group: Sacred Ground

Album title: Daniel the Brave (2012)

Jeff Fletcher: Plazma




Phat Hat: Da Guv'nah



  • Website
  • Music video
  • Composed by Phat Hat
  • Two-time governor Jimmie Davis received a Grammy Award Hall of Fame Award for "You Are My Sunshine".
  • Recorded by Rick Naqvi at Black Dog Recording Studio in Baton Rouge, LA.
  • Composed by Phat Hat
  • Musicians:
    • Rick Naqvi, guitar
    • Wendell Woods, lead vocal
    • Jerry Henderson, bass
    • John Jones, keyboard
    • Brad Zell, rhythm guitar and percussion
    • Andy Pizzo, trombone
    • Jeff Chatelain, trumpet
    • Don Thomas, drums

The J&B Project: Chill Mode


Louretta: Like the Rain

  • Website

  • Composed and produced by Louretta and Ari Ahrendt

  • Musicians

    • ouretta - vocals and Ableton Live
    • Chris - knobs and synths
    • Tom - beats



Magda: Stuck in Between

  • Recorded  by Neil Citron
  • Composed by Magda
  • Lyrics by Magda, Matthew Ollar, and Neiil Citron
  • Musicians:
    • Magda - vocal
    • Neil Citron - guitar

Scott Eric Olivier: Eavesdrop




Ryan Ordway: Easy Street

  • Website
  • Music video
  • Interview with Ken Scott
  • Interview with Ryan Ordway
  • Recorded on January 6-11, 2014 at The Blackbird Academyan educational institution for audio training in studio and live sound engineering based out of Blackbird Studios.
    • Engineer: Ken Scott

    • 2nd engineer Seth Morton

    • Assistant Engineers (Blackbird Academy audio engineering students): Alex Chambers, Sam DeTone, Michael Freeman, Jason Lindsey, Allen Luke, Stephanie Moore, William Newcomb, Dave O'Dell, Tanner Peters, Taylor Pitman, Jake Rabinowitz, Brandon Schnierer, Dillon Stewart, Jeff Todd, Kody Whitehead, Paul Wilson, Logan Witte, Logan Yandell.

    • Thanks to Mark Rubel and Kevin Becka

  • Appears on "The Blackbird Sessions" EP from Resort Recordings
  • Composed and Arranged by Ryan Ordway and Dan Holden
  • Ordway Band:
    • Ryan Ordway - vocal, guitar
    • Ryan Hommel: acoustic, electric, and pedal steel guitars, background vocals
    • Dan Holden: keys, background vocals
    • Marc Seedorf: bass, background vocals
    • Jeff Armstrong: drums, background vocals

Robert Willey: Motherless Child





Robert Willey: That's How It Goes

This scene was inspired by the climbing sequence in Monty Python's Climbing the North Face of the Uxbridge Road

This scene was inspired by the climbing sequence in
Monty Python's Climbing the North Face of the Uxbridge Road

  • The multi-track session is called in Exercise 5-16
  • The extended video version has rhythmacized speech during the synth guitar solo
  • Musicians:
    • Robert Willey, vocal, keyboard, ukulele
    • Wayne Veal, drums





Mark Summerell (aka Clearwing): Sunken Lane

  • SoundCloud site with ambient music from Bristol, England
  • Recorded and produced by Mark Summerell