Indiana Music Business Directory

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Launching the Indiana Music Business Directory

For the past two years Robert Willey has been involving Ball State University students in the Survey of Music Industry (MMP100) class in collecting information on individuals and companies working in music and entertainment in Indiana, and the results have been available through Google Doc spreadsheets. The goal is to strengthen the music business infrastructure in the state by making it easier for clients to find service providers.

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During the 2014-15 academic year Jason Toomey and Kevin Charlton made a web service under Willey's direction for their CS495 senior project class taught by Lan Lin. MMP100 students will gradually transfer the data from the old system to the new one. The service is available for anyone doing business in Indiana who wants to list their music or entertainment service, and there is a mechanism for owners of businesses to take over the control of their listing if they find it has already been started by a student. To try out the service, either as a client or a provider, visit

This semester the class also partnered with a startup company called Musicians Guild, a free service similar in some ways to Linkedin for musicians, but with features especially for musicians and bands, such as an email platform to keep track of who has received and opened email and confirmed availability for an upcoming date, and a  secure channel for sharing charts, set lists, and recordings.