Interview with Earl Keith, singer in Caligula's Birthday Party

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Interview by Danielle Pieratt

1. What is your band position?  My name's Earl, and I play guitar and am the lead singer in the group. I'm the voice of the group, I'd say.

2. How did you get started?  I started with the trumpet when I was about 11. That got me excited about music and playing the guitar to me seemed cooler to do at the time. So I learned to play and met some cool people who wanted to play along with me.

3. What services do you offer? I offer composed sounds for people to enjoy and tie to their lives.

4. What are your clients looking for?  Listeners want good music from good people. 

5. What skills are required to do the job?  Musical skills! Skills coming from playing stuff over and over and over. Also people-skills. A big part of spreading your music comes from networking with people, so people-skills are huge.

6. What do you like about the music business?  The music business truly still stands as a way of spreading good music to good people who like music. And there are enough people in the industry who believe that mission statement and that's why we're still here.

7. What do you find most challenging?  Getting. Gigs. Man it's hard getting gigs where you want because as a band whom no one knows, it's atypical for someone to branch out and book someone like us; unheard. 

8. What's the biggest change you've seen in the band within the past years?  I've seen us get better and better. But our progress goes in waves, really. There are months where we play and compose and write and it's a success. But then there are spans of time where we're lazy and don't get a thing done.

9. What are your plans for next year?  Next year we're going to play lots and lots of shows here in Bloomington and hopefully do some recording!

10. What opportunities do you see in Indiana, if any?  Indiana, in some places, are just filled with fantastic people everywhere. And talented people. There are wholesome people just looking to contribute to our collection of music as humans.

11. Any advice to people considering going into the music and entertainment industry?  My advice is to get as good as you can be. That's insanely important, to outwork everyone else. The second biggest thing is to expand your social network as much as possible. The more people you become friendly with, the more you're able to find opportunities in the biz.

Caligula's Birthday Party