Brittany Feitner, radio host

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Interview with Brittany Feltner, Radio Host


Logan Stowers performed the interview


  • What is their occupation?
    • Brittany’s occupation is an on-air DJ during the summer for Cougar Radio


  • How did they get started?     
    • Brittany got her start during her years in high school, taking classes in the radio program. After graduation, Brittany was offered a summer job as a permanent radio host for the program.


  • What services do they offer?
    • Cougar radio offers a radio program based off of classic rock genre music. They offer commercial free radio service


  • What are their clients typically looking for?
    • Their clients typically look for a radio program with limited commercial interruptions in the rock genre.


  • What skills are required to do the job?
    • Skills required to do this job is knowledge concerning rock music, sound equipment, strong communication skills, quick on their feet, and strong leadership skills.


  • What do they like about the business?
    • Brittany said that what she likes most about her job is the control she has. She likes being able to make executive decision and build a playlist of music she knows her audience will enjoy.


  • What they find most challenging?
    • Brittany said that she finds airtime the most challenging. She said that she knows her audience will tune in to listen to classic rock, but that she struggles to get the younger generations to steer away from the “rap” and appreciate rock music.


  • What’s the biggest change they’ve seen in the business in the last 5 years?
    • The biggest change they’ve seen is the technological advances in music. Things aren’t as they were in earlier generations. Things are more techno and auto tuned, unlike earlier generations where “music spoke for itself”.
  • What are their plans for next year?
    • Next year Brittany plans on bringing more students into the program to get a sense of what broadcasting will be like if they plan to pursue this later on in life.