Interview with Bruce Jones, A&R for Unfold Management

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with Christopher Shipps, June 8th, 2016

What is their occupation?

Music A&R for Unfold Management.

How did they get started?

“I got started in college helping produce and manage my friends who were artist. After college, I worked for a label and soon had to undergo a A&R role to help with releases and collaborations and loved it ever since.”

What services do they offer?

Unfold offers management for artist including booking shows, career advice, and sponsorship endorsements.

What are their clients typically looking for?

Clients are typically looking for help booking shows and having a platform where they can focus solely on the music and less of the intense business of the music industry.

What skills are required to do the job?

“A skill you must have for the job is the ability to have a good ear for music and be able to work with a artist with a vision for longevity in their career. It's not always easy to spot raw talent but once you know the industry your dealing with things will start to become natural”

What do they like about the business?

“I love the music. I also like to see a artist flourish and develop into a brand that is recognized across the globe!”

What they find most challenging?

“The most challenging part is locating talent with a incredible work ethic. Artist can have the vision but if the work ethic doesn’t follow it things will be held at a standstill or prolonged.”

What’s the biggest change they’ve seen in the business in the last 5 years?

“The business is always rapidly changing, the biggest change I have seen in the last 5 years is that most artist want to remain independent instead of working with a major label. That use to be a measurement of the success of the artist (landing a major deal) but now a days the artist want to remain in control of how they market and produce their music.

What are their plans for next year?

“Unfold plans to continue expanding the amount of artist that are managed within the company. This includes helping artist book shows and touring, help artist locate sponsorship deals and endorsements, help with marketing and press releases insuring the success and longevity of an artist/client. I am excited to continue to accruing artist with talent and incredible work ethic and we will have to see what unfolds… ”


Any advice to people considering going into the music and entertainment business?

“Good advice in the entertainment industry is to conduct excellent and honest business with people. Word of mouth travels fast so it always a good to have a solid reputation and image. People enjoy working with individuals who posses those traits and makes things seem more natural and easy flowing business wise.”