Interview with Eddie Guanajuato, band and choir teacher at Cardinal Ritter High School

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  • What is their occupation?
  • Eddie Guanajuato is a band and choir teacher at Cardinal Ritter High School.
  • How did they get started?
  • Eddie always loved music growing up. In middle school he picked up the alto saxophone and played in the school band. Eddie continued performing in band in high school. He attended the Indiana University School of Music and goy hid bachelors of music education and a master’s of science in secondary school administration.
  • What services do they offer?
  • Eddie tutors band students outside of his job at Cardinal Ritter. He is also the marching band director.
  • What skills are required to do the job?
  • What do they like about the business?
  • Eddie said that he really just loves teaching his students and allowing them to grow as musicians. He also loves to see that “ah-ha!” moment when students finally play a challenging piece correctly.
  • What they find most challenging?
  • Eddie said that it is hard sometimes to balance everything with band and the school as well as doing what he loves outside of his job, which is playing in a jazz band. He wishes that he had more time to spend playing the alto saxophone.