Kenny Phelps - Drummer and Record Executive

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Kenny Phelps - Drummer and Record Executive



Tyler Thom

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June 13, 2016 5:49 PM

What is your occupation? I am a professional musician/record company owner.


What services do you offer? (Recording, performing etc.) As a musician, I tour off & on with Dee Dee Bridgewater and also record CDs and commercials for various artists and agencies.


What are your clients typically looking for? Depending on the client, being able to performing a variety of different musical styles is a must. Also being responsible & dependable is important. When traveling, it is important to respect cultural differences and having the ability to work with different musicians on a social level as well as a high musical level is very important.


What skills are required to do your job? Reading music and having knowledge of the business is important. Time management and being able to make decisions is at the top of the list of necessary skills.


What do you like about the business? (Music business or recording business)  Having a vision and a plan is what I like most about the business. The ability to move from an idea to the final product and also the management. To help facilitate and oversee the project is very inspiring to me. While recording music, it's the same but the difference is that you're responsible for your contribution and you may not see the big picture.


What do you find most challenging? The most challenging thing for touring is the travel but on the businessside it is keeping up with the new technology.


What is the biggest change you have seen in the business in the last 5 years? The advancement of social media and the ability to stream live opened up so many possibilities for musicians.


What are your plans for next year?  I am hosting a radio show on WICR the summer of 2016 and will be teaching at Butler University in the fall.


Any advice to people considering going into the music and entertainment business?My advice is for you to follow your passion and work hard to achieve your desired goals. You will only live once so determine to never live with regret.