Mike Christian, drummer

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Abigail Hoyt


What is their occupation?     

Plays in a cover band called Full Tilt


How did they get started?

I had a couple of friends that also played instruments like keyboard and guitar and we decided to get together and create a cover band and we did that over in my friends basement.


What are their clients typically looking for?

Most of the time its people who are at bars sometimes we get hired for private parties and festivals.


What do they like about the business?

Well, I suppose just like any other musician I have a passion for music, being with a group of individuals that have the same passion as me.


What they find most challenging?

Musicians are kind of an odd group of people so the personalities are pretty wild, trying to come to together and come to an agreement is difficult.  


What’s the biggest change they’ve seen in the business in the last 5 years?

The biggest one is equipment that is used, a lot of the equipment has gone digital and now everything is wireless and also bar owners don’t pay bands as much as they used to so its hard to find a place worth while.


What are their plans for next year?

Nothing different, just to help increase the quality of the band.


What opportunities do they see in Indiana?

The opportunities in Indiana for bands like ours aren’t great and I don’t see them changing or getting better as far as quality.


Any advice to people considering going into the music and entertainment business?

Just like anything else do what you like to do and opportunities will start popping up.