Vicki Gillaspy Owner of G. Scotten Talent Center

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Interview by Lucas Coleman with Vicki Gillaspy Owner of G. Scotten Talent Center


What is/was your occupation?

“I’m a dance educator”

How did you get started with that?

“I started taking dance as a child at the age of 3. My mother got me involved because of how active I was as a child. Honestly, my grandmother told my mom to put me in classes. “

What services do you offer?

“My dance studio offers educational and performance experience. For 15 years students from HSE and Fishers high school have benefitted from GSTC training. We also have voice and piano lessons but that is not our number one focus. Our major demographic is a dance lover as we have over 100 students enrolled and 50 competitive dancers. We teach anything from hip hop and tumbling to Jazz and ballet.”

What are all of the students usually looking for when it comes to picking a studio?

“The students are usually looking for convince and a family friendly environment.  Also, usually they do not know what they are looking for so they hear of us through their friends and peers at school.”




What skills are required to do your job?

“You must have a good personality to be a dance teacher and a very creative mind. A dancer mind and someone who can break down music and really visualize what goes on within the song to make the song beautiful on stage.”

What do you like about the dance industry and your personal dance studio?

“I like having the opportunity to be able to give the children a dance education and broaden their horizon. I love brining in popular guest teachers from places like dancing with the stars to expose them to different styles of dancing from all over the nation and even the world. Dance saves lives.”

What do you find most challenging with this industry?

“Making choices on my professional instinct and trying not to let my personal opinions get in the way of some decisions individuals make.”

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in this business in the last 5 years?

“I think children are advancing quicker at younger ages with the amount of time they are spending at the studio and the amount of money parents are willing to spend on their child is going up. Parents love to see their children succeed and happy.”

What are your plans for next year?

“We are going to start incorporating new dance curriculums that all dance teachers can follow so all students are on the same page.”

What opportunities do you see in Indiana?

“There is a lot of community involvement in the state of Indiana including the Fishers festival parade or as big as the 500 festival parade. Everyone in Indiana is very hard working which makes the dancers from the state easier to train.“

Any advice for people wanting to go into the music and entertainment business/dance career?

“Everyone has equal opportunity so go for it. Never quit and keep going if you really think you can reach your end goal. The pyramid just keeps getting smaller the older you get and the harder you work, so just keep working and growing no matter what. Don’t give up.”