MMP Newsletter - October 3, 2015

Added on by Robert Willey.

Be sure to attend the 4th Annual School of Music Showcase tonight in the auditorium at 7:30 p.m. It is always a fast-paced event that showcases a variety of performing groups and is guaranteed to make you feel proud of being a part of the School of Music. All proceeds benefit student scholarships. $20 general admission.



Visiting composer Eric Schmidt and his wife met with interested persons on September 25th and was very impressed by the recording, rehearsal, and performing facilities in the Music Instruction Building. He was on campus to attend performances of MAD WORLD co-written by his son that was produced by the musical theater program. They told us that SONY Playstation has a paid internship position in Foster City, California mixing sound for games, and that they offer on-site living (that you have to know to ask for) that is a big plus, considering the cost of living there. SONY has found that applicants with experience as worship music group leaders do well applying for the position since they have regular experience arranging music for a group and incorporating background tracks. Eric teaches at USC in their one-year film music certificate program. They accept 20 students a year coming from all over the world. He tells them usually about 3 get hired into the industry. They have yet to graduate anyone from their video game program because they keep getting hired before they finish. He said his first piece of electronic equipment was an electric pencil sharpener, and that he learned to compose by writing scores by hand. He says that to be a film music composer you have to be a composer first, not just someone adept at operating keyboards and technology, and that you have to be able to write music to spec. One of the projects he has his students do an exercise in composing a score in the WB cartoon style. If you're unfamiliar with the style and complexity, check out the Carl Stalling Project and notice the level of musicianship of the session players during the recording session. The students learn to write and produce two minutes of music a day. He says there are more new opportunities in video game music than in film music. You work for hire (no royalties) but are paid well: $200-$5,000 per minute.


Nathan Bogert brought electronic-jazz group Koplant No to campus on September 24. Christoph Thompson put together recording sessions with his MMP235 class in Studio 3 with the Mackie board, and afterwards in Studio 2 with Joe Trinite and Nathan Shuggart with the Neve console. Leader and saxophonist Joel Vanderheyden said the group enjoyed the experience and hopes to come back for another project.


Vivien Pong produced a session in the studios to record the theme song for season 15 of BSU Tonight. Music composed by Cameron Prill. Audio mixing: Kyle Kincer. Trumpets: Adam. Tenor sax: Kendell Fowler. Trombone: Daniel Payton. Bass: Daniel Sitler. Drums: D.Q. Rogers.


We expect that the new program of requiring outside recording sessions will have many positive effects on the MMP experience in addition to helping students develop portfolios. Watch the fascinating video clip about how the trophic cascade brought on by the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone Park affected an entire ecosystem. 

Remember to turn every conversation into an opportunity to remind those you meet about our standing offer of free 2-3 hour recording sessions. It will take everyone's help to change the campus culture—so that people will get into the habit of requesting sessions when they have something that is sounding good, like turning to YouTube and Facebook when they are bored, or to Google when curiosity strikes. Spread the word that sessions can be requested at


The Emerging Media department has announced a series of Wednesday workshops at MMP-Emerging Media Living-Learning community at Botswin. The 70:20:10 model for learning and development suggests that 70% of what you learn comes from job-related activities and 10% from your formal classes. Be alert to opportunities to develop your skills outside of class. Living LLCs are a one place to do this.


New entries to the MMP podcast are being added from the MMP301 Songwriting class. Please contact Dr. Willey if you have material you would like to share.