MMP Newsletter - November 16, 2015

Added on by Robert Willey.

Dr. Christoph has spoken with George Massenburg about giving a webinar during the first week of February. They plan to be pick a date and time by Tuesday night, so register your availability on this Doodle Poll right away if you want to increase the chances that it will be scheduled during a time that you are free. In case you haven't read any audio magazines or studied liner notes from artists like Earth Wind & Fire, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Toto, Journey, Weather Report, Randy New,am, Kenny Loggins, Linda Ronstadt, Herbie Hancock take our word for it that he's a big deal. He also helped deigned Skywalker Sound and other studios. [ Sound On Sound interview ]


Conner Tribby, Lead Technician for the University Singers, has announced that they are looking for MMP students to join their live sound team. This is the best opportunity on campus to develop live sound skills. Conner will be conducting interviews after Thanksgiving. They are looking for people who are able to work well with a team, able to follow directions, willing to learn about live sound, meet every Tuesday night at 7 p.m., and travel 4–5 times a semester (you will be excused from class).

Ted Fletcher spoke last week with MMP 430 students and other observers. If you missed the session you can watch the video in the Music Media Production Organization area on Blackboard. See the past issue of the Newsletter for instructions on where MMP videos are stored.

Ted Fletcher talking with students about compression and other topics.

Ted Fletcher talking with students about compression and other topics.

Dan McCoy was on campus with the Jazz Ensemble from Scott Air Force base. He is their live sound technician and travels with the group. To be in the live sound department in other branches of the service you audition for the band and work your way into sound reinforcement as opportunities arise. In the Air Force you submit a portfolio and audition as a live sound person. After 10 years your Federal student loans are excused, after 20 years you get a pension with benefits and can start a second career. The flier and letter to applicants for Audio Engineer positions for the Band of the West

Good with Finale or Sibelius? Tuba/euphonium professor Mathew Lyon is looking for help with a project.

They have Allen & Heath and Studio Live mixers and Roland electronic drums.

They have Allen & Heath and Studio Live mixers and Roland electronic drums.

Dr. Willey visited the J Everett Light Career Center in Indy on Friday. They have a bunch of Pro Tools systems and a video studio as part of their facilities. Contact Dr. Willey if you'd like to be a mentor for the high school students there. 




Sweetwater has announced two internships. These numbers correspond with the listings in the Cardinal Career Center. If you log in you can see the complete listings, or go to the Sweetwater website.

772865 - Video Production
772866 - Recording Studio