MMP Newsletter - May 6, 2015

Added on by Robert Willey.

We have three new podcasts and blogs to make it easy to see and hear what your colleagues are doing in the MMP program. Send .mp3s and links to YouTube videos to Dr. Willey of work you've done this past year in MMP236, 330, 335, and 430 and for outside projects for consideration.

In April Dr. Pounds was recognized for 15 years of service to the School of Music. He will be on sabbatical next year working on a number of creative projects. We wish him a productive and rejuvenating creative period.

Dr. Pounds alerted us to the success of BSU music tech alumnus Kevin Ray and his band Walk the Moon's success with their second album:

Recent Rolling Stone article:

It looks like one of their songs is #7 on the "Hot 100" list:

And it looks like it reached number 1 on the "Alternative Songs" chart:


Dr. Willey's book Getting Started With Music Production has been released by Hal Leonard Corporation. Please let him know if you'd like to borrow a copy and be a beta tester of the companion website and hands-on material. The exercises and demonstrations use PreSonus Studio One software, for which there is a free version for Apple or Windows computers. The 73 videos built into the book provide step-by-step instructions showing how to get up and running with Studio One to record, edit, mix, EQ, and adjust virtual synth parameters. There are also 13 multi-track sessions by a variety of musicians to practice mixing different styles (pop, rock, electronic, drum & bass, bossa nova, funk, singer-songwriter) recorded by a number of different engineers, including Ken Scott—one of the engineers to work with The Beatles. Studio One has a modern interface and is used with PreSonus' Studio Live boards (which we use now in MMP330) and their mastering tools (which are used in MMP335).

Students in CS495 created a desktop web application for the Music Industry class to help strengthen the music business infrastructure in Indiana, by making it easier for customers to connect with providers. Look for it at and list your music production services, or search through the current listings the class has entered. You can also use it as a way to extend conversations when you meet people in the music and entertainment industry by telling them about the app and offering to create listings for them if they don't want to do it themselves, which they can later take over and administrate.

This semester the Music Industry class also partnered with Musicians Guild, a startup company that is creating a sort of Linkedin for musicians. You can list yourself on that free service as well, and use it as a secure communication channel between you and your groups to administer emails and share files.

We took a tour of the nearly completed Botswin dormitory that will be the home of the MMP-Emerging Media Living-Learning community. They have added a new wing and rebuilt the inside entirely. It is going to have a Pro Tools setup, green screen, areas to collaborate, and other amenities making it a dynamic place to live and network with students interested in the arts and technology.

Christoph Thompson is looking for two assistants to help record the Benefic Chamber Music Camp in the MMP studios from July 25 - August 2nd.  "They can assist with miking and setup. In terms of recording craft students should know basic signal flow, and mic techniques. But most of the things they will probably learn by just seeing me do it. I'll be doing some XY, ORTF and Blumlein configurations, which is always interesting for students. The time commitment would be about two hours per recording day." This will be a good opportunity to be trained how to record, produce, and distribute music in a 15-minute time window. The sessions are typically run in Studio 1 with the three adjacent sound houses tracked simultaneously. The files then get converted and sent out to a server where students can access them.

Hope to see you at Gear Fest up at Sweetwater Sound on June 12-13 in Fort Wayne. It's free and open to the public and a great opportunity to see their operation, vendors, products, and get some discounts. Register in advance so your badge will be waiting for you. Dr. Willey will be part of a panel on Friday at 11:15 discussing audio education on a panel with Jeff Rodgers (St. Francis) and Dan Pfeifer (MTSU).