Area Meeting - October 3, 2013

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MMPI Area Meeting - 10/3/13

Communications exercises

Speed dating: introduce yourself to other people - the more you do it, the easier it gets

Finding common ground is helpful when working with other people

LISTEN, ask followup questions - keep the conversation moving forward


Chris Rieger talked about his internship experience at Dark Horse Recording in Franklin, TN, outside Nashville. They have a well organized tier system. Check out their intern policies and procedures. Chris said that finding a place to live was harder than the technical work. It cost him around $400 - $500/month. He said that Interlochen has a good summer program, and other camps are the only internships that usually offer a place to stay.


Jeff Seitz takes care of our facilities and teaches some classes. He asked that you notify him if you find something broken, as he doesn’t have time to go through each studio and test to see that everything is working. He’s working on our new Dangerous Music gear which allows you direct access to input amplifiers, if you’re not careful you could blow it up. He is developing some documentation so you will know how to operate. It is located in Studio 11 along with our multi channel sound system. Jeff reported on the launching of the School of Music’s video streaming of concerts from Sursa.


Student Announcements

David Rohrer: Songwriting Club (Facebook: Ball State Song-Writing Club )

Andrew Hesile:  Oranje Art Festival, Dance Music Club (Facebook: Ball State EDMC)

    Film Scoring Group (Facebook: Ball State Film Composition Club)    


    Chris Rieger ( AES Chapter