Area Meeting - September 5, 2013

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Dr. Willey opened the meeting, introducing himself as the new Director of Music Media Production and Industry. He comes from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he held a similar position and was involved in the region’s unique musical culture. Contact information:

  • email:

  • There is a link there on the left for MMPI with resources for students, which includes links to many of the things discussed in this meeting. All MMP students are asked to fill out the Student Information Form there in order to improve communication and advise you better.

Dr. Willey is a keyboard player, composer, producer, idea person, and sees his role as a catalyst to help students transform. The new students introduced themselves and their future job titles, the majority of which was producer. Dr. Pounds, the Assistant Director of Music Media Production and Industry introduced himself for those who are new. He is a composer with a specialty in music technology and is interested in a variety of music, including film music and popular music. He teaches composition in addition to computer music. Both Pounds ( and Willey welcome students to their offices upstairs in the Music Instruction building to discuss the program or other issues.

Dr. Pounds talked about procedures and policies in the studio. Security is a main concern. Be sure to pull the doors tightly behind yourself when leaving, do not bring in people who do not belong there, and if you are recording non MMPI students be responsible for making sure they don’t go where they don’t belong and nothing is lost or broken. All food and drinks should be left in the halls. Bringing refreshments into the studios may result in losing studio privileges. If you see something that concerns you contact a staff member or call campus Police (285-1111). Report anything that is broken or not working to Jeff Seitz ( Dr. Willey asked that you leave the studio clean and more organized than when you arrived. We are all responsible for maintaining the high quality of our facility.

Dr. Pounds presented some information for Jeff Seitz, a graduate of the program who has become the School of Music’s Audio/Digital System’s Engineer. He is responsible for much of the planning and design of the facility and does some teaching in addition to maintaining and developing the facilities. He asks that you do not move equipment from studio to studio. A report was given on recent updates to the facilities.

Dr. Pounds, who just received this BSU’s Advisor of the Year award, talked about the importance of advising. We suggest that you take advantage of the opportunity to discuss your program with your advisor. MMP students are required to take directed specialty elective credits. You should discuss your choices with your advisor and get advance approval. Dr. Pounds suggested “liking” the MMPI and Electronic Music Technology Facebook pages, and signing up for the listserv for music technology and production. He also pointed towards organizations that are relevant to audio production and electronic music, including SEAMUS, SCI, and ICMA.

Dr. Willey announced:

  • We will meet on the first Thursday of each month this semester from 7:00-8:00 pm. in MU117.

  • We are beginning a number of initiatives to form closer relationships with Indiana’s music businesses, including starting a database on music industry companies in Indiana. Let him know if you are interested in participating. This gives you an opportunity to call companies and industry professionals and learn about their services. Dr, Willey and Mr. Porter, who are teaching lecture and online sections respectively of Survey of Music Industry (MMP100) are including a unit on opportunities in Indiana, exposing students to career options in sales (Sweetwater) and manufacturing (Auralex, Klipsch, Crown).

  • We had invited Jonny Rodgers to visit campus on Oct 14 and tried to find the best time for a presentation at the meeting, which looked like it would be between 5:30 - 7:00. Since we have learned that he has cancelled our leg of his tour, which included Columbia College in Chicago and UI.

  • We are reviewing the curriculum and invited student representation. Chris Rieger volunteered.

  • We will be sampling the pipe organ in Sursa Hall. Students are invited to participate.

  • MMP students and faculty were asked to consider putting in 8 hours of community service this semester with Habitat for Humanity. This would be an optional activity, not a requirement. This would give participants an opportunity to contribute to Muncie’s restoration, make community contacts, learn construction skills, teamwork, leadership, and get to know each other better. If this happens dates/times will be announced.

  • We will be installing PreSonus’ Studio One in at least one of the studios. The entry level software, which runs on Mac or PC is free and will be used in the songwriting class for collaborative projects. PreSonus also makes a series of mixing/recording boards called Studio Live, which we hope to include in future purchases.

Dr. Pounds mentioned some of the immersive learning activities, including The Scene. Immersive Learning at BSU is intended to be student driven, with faculty support. Students expressed interest in developing projects in composing film music and recording the jazz ensemble. Dr. Pounds suggested that the students organize a student group which would make them eligible for funding.

Dr. Willey talked about finding your passion and ways to put in the time to master something, which is said to take 10,000 hours to do. Take advantage of the opportunities that are presented and develop your own. As Thomas Edison said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Just doing your homework will not be enough to prepare for success. Engineer 30-50 or more sessions. Get good on your instrument. Learn to compose and arrange. Look at the competencies that employers are looking for in new hires, which emphasize communication skills. Become an effective listener. Learn patience, tact, humilty, the ability to work under pressure, to avoid/diffuse conflict, disagree constructively, develop a sense of humor, work hard, be nice.