MMP Newsletter - March, 2015

Added on by Robert Willey.

March 2015 MMP newsletter includes information on curriculum changes and contact with Sweetwater.


The four year plan will be changing for incoming MMP students in the fall:

MMP330 (Recording Workshop) will change from from two units of to three units and be called Live Sound and Recording. The Recording Workshop will no longer be offered. If you were planning on taking MMP330 in the fall you will see that it has changed to three units.

MMP302 (Songwriting 2) will be replaced in the curriculum with MUST 121 (Introduction to Computer Music) in order to give students an opportunity to get started with music production in their freshman year. The plan at this point is to offer multiple sections in the spring. MMP302 will no longer be offered. See your advisor to discuss a substitution.

MMP201 and 202 (Pro Tools 1 & 2) will be offered online by Jeff Seitz in the fall. Each class is one unit. 201 will go for for the first eight weeks, and 202 will follow during the last eight weeks, and you would sign up for both. These classes will focus on Pro Tools shortcuts and will run concurrently with MMP235 (Recording Techniques 1).  If you are signing up for 235 in the fall it is highly recommended to add 201 and 202 so that you can make quicker progress in the recording class.


Jeff McDonald (VP of Human Resources) and Missy Lyons (Talent Acquisition Specialist) visited campus on February 20th to give a presentation and conduct mock interviews. There is a video in the Videos section of the MMP Organization’s Blackboard. Check out the tutorial if you’re not sure how to access it. Mark June 12 - 13 on your calendar for Gear Fest. It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy the facility and presentations.

We will be taking a field trip to Sweetwater on Friday, March 27,  leaving BSU at  8:30 am and returning at 2:30 pm. Let me know if you would like a seat in the van.


Jeff Seitz installed five copies of Band in a Box on the computers on the far wall of Studio 9. It is able to generate background tracks in a variety of styles which can be exported as MIDI or audio files for editing in Pro Tools or other programs.

Attached is the layout of part of the BotSwin dorm that will be the home of the new Emerging Media Living-Learning Community that MMP is partnering with. We are proposing a Pro Tools system to go with their green screen and video equipment. Remember that you can indicate your preference for living there if you are applying for on-campus housing next year. We’ll be having some MMP activities there and it’s an opportunity to get involved with Digital Corps.

I attended a conference in San Antonio and met with a number of recruiters from the Armed Forces. I asked about careers in live sound in the military and the Army and Navy said that candidates must first pass the audition to be in the band, after which they might be trained to be audio engineers for their performing groups. The Air Force was the only branch that auditions sound engineers for audio production jobs.