MMP Newsletter - September 18, 2015

Added on by Robert Willey.

On October 3rd alumni will be returning to campus for homecoming and to attend the SoM Showcase concert. We are offering them free 2-hour recording sessions while they are on campus. Please let Dr. Willey know if you would like to work with graduates and use it for credit as one of your outside projects. This is a good opportunity to network with alumni.

Eli Fieldsteel is coordinating the first campus electronic music concert of the year on Tuesday, September 22 at 7:30 in Sursa Hall. Daniel Swilley, Kyle Jones, Daniel Sitler, Chad Powers, Andrew Hesik, Lucas Baughman, and Christoph Thompson have works on the program, along with one from György Ligeti.

Prolonged thanks to Dan Porter for organizing the AES audio engineering conference last weekend. Students and faculty from a number of regional audio production programs participated and everyone seemed to enjoy the presentations and inspirational comments from Edward Nixon. [ panorama 1] [ panorama 2 ]

Dan Porter presenting some of the prizes

Dan Porter presenting some of the prizes

Kudos to Ali Hegedus and Peyton Cox and the AES Chapter for pulling off the first School of Music Organization Showcase last week. The event was very festive thanks to the acapella groups that shared their talents and enthusiasm. [ panorama ]

Reminders on studio use: Make sure the outside doors are locked when you leave, and return your equipment closet key on time. Failure to follow these policies will result in losing studio priviledges.

Miranda Minnick, a BSU student who works on campus as a Warner Music Group rep, reports that the band Guster is looking for an opening act for their upcoming toor. They will be performing at the Egyptian Room in Indi on 11/13. The entry for the spot closes on 9/21.

Let Dr. Willey know if you want to be on the crew to make audio and video recordings of the Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition, coming to the School of Music in November. There is a stipend available and a high-level opportunity.

MMP students in 200 level and above classes are now required to do two recording sessions per semester in addition to class assignments. If you're thinking about a career in audio production you should probably be doing two or more per week. Add the results from these sessions to your portfolio along with anything else that you would like to share. Portfolio material will be stored on your Box account—free cloud storage that Ball State has arranged for you. Doing these projects will help build experience, and a portfolio will help faculty advise you and be a tool to demonstrate to future potential clients what you can do.