MMP Newsletter - January 21, 2016

Added on by Robert Willey.

Learn and Enjoy Brazilian Music

Bruno Cabrera, a Brazilian grad student percussionist, is leading the BSU Brazilian Jazz Ensemble again this semester and I am looking for students to join it. It does not require any knowledge on the subject since the parts are all written and he will teach how to perform each song. The rehearsal times will be defined according to availability of the people interested.

He is looking for trombone, trumpet, tenor/alto sax, flute, clarinet, bass guitar and electric guitar. Please contact him if you are curious about learning to play Brazilian music, which is as diverse and interesting as the biodiversity of the rain forest. You're going to live in an international world, here's a chance to increase your awareness, enjoyment, and work with a native player.

Bruno M. Cabrera
Percussion Graduate Assistant
Ball State University
(812) 369-7219

Jingle Contest

Calling all composers, music producers, entrepreneurs, and videographers! Dr. Willey is organizing a jingle contest. Any BSU student can enter, those who live on campus are eligible to win a $125 prize or gift card under the auspices of the LLC Entrepreneurial Project. Jingles will be for Delaware county businesses. Find a company, pitch an idea, and make them a music video clip of your jingle by the beginning of April. Entries will be screened at a showing at the Botswin LLC later that month.

From Robbie Mehling (Production Coordinator, Immersive Learning):

"For shooting off campus, It's generally best to have your bases covered when it comes to releases. Here is a link to where you can download the releases I use. It includes an adult release, location release, a general notice for larger crowds, and a minor release, which must be signed by a parent/guardian.

I find it best for the students to stay in communication with where they will be shooting so the proprietors know what to expect. I would also recommend scouting the locations before the shooting day and have a plan in place to make things more efficient.

If your class is needing camera or other video gear, you can authorize your students to check out gear from the teleplex located in the Ball Communications building. Contact Joshua Carroll for that. ("

On a related note, Dr. Thompson suggests checking out if you'd like to pitch submissions for pay from clients of that internet service.

Producer / Engineer Position at Indiana Public Radio

Sean Ashcraft at IPR wants you to know that The Scene has one Producer / Engineer position open for student employment. They are going to keep it open until it is filled, but are accepting applications now, and hoping to do the bulk of the interviews before Feb. 5.  

If you are interested in applying, contact Sean at for more information about the interview process. To find the job description, students can log in to the Cardinal Career Link and search “Engineer Producer” in All Jobs.

Christoph Hessler Webinar

As announced in the last issue of the newsletter, Christoph Hessler, one of Dr. Thompson's friends, will be giving a webinar on Thursday, Jan. 28th from 2:00–3:00 p.m. in Soundhouse C.

Since 2006, Christoph Hessler's music career has ranged from Death Metal for German television ARD to classical music for BMW,  Rock-Productions for Haudegen, TAMAS or The Intersphere, to calm pop guitars for Tim Bendzko, XAVAS and Adesse, from Ringtones to Fantasy-Audiobook recordings to playbacks for X-Factor. His musical diversity knows no bounds and he has a great feel for just the right musical taste. He is rooted in the tradition of handmade rock music, but he has never stuck to one genre. Christoph can look back at a number of national chart placements, a gold record, and experience in almost all areas of music production. Website