MMP Newsletter - November 9, 2016

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Tony Faulkner Master Class

Dr. Thompson's next International Audio Workshop will be with Tony Faulkner, a legendary recording engineer whose credits include Lang Lang, Yo-Yo Ma, Berlin Philharmonic, London Philharmonic, and the Vienna Philharmonic. In his career of over 40 years he has recorded for the finest labels, developed his own stereo recording arrays, and won multiple GRAMMY awards. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a specialist in the recording of classical music and can help you learn techniques that you can apply while you have access to the ensembles in the School of Music.

Workshop topics will include microphone placement, main arrays and spot mics, stereo techniques, the “Faulkner” array, and an in-depth analysis of his recent Beethoven Symphony No. 9 recording. Free and open to the public.

This workshop is free and open to the public and will take place in the Music Instruction Building's Soundhouse C (MI-216).

Sitar Concert Thursday Night

Sitar player Ustad Shafaat Khan will be performing in Pruis Hall on Thursday, November 10. You can purchase a student ticket at the Emens Box Office (now temporarily off the Sursa lobby) for $5.00 in advance (before 6 p.m.) or $10.00 at the door.

Ustad Shafaat Khan, world-renowned Indian classical musician has performed all over India, America, Europe, China, Russia and Japan. Recently, he performed with Stevie Wonder at the Bonnaroo Festival. In the rich history of Indian classical music, Mr. Khan has distinguished himself by being the first known artist to have attained simultaneous excellence in performing sitar, surbahar and tabla.


Spring Electives

These classes can count for guided specialization credit.

Virtual Instrument Design class (MUSC 299X-2) - learn to sample instruments and create plugins for Kontakt.

The Scene (MUSC 299X-1) - create radio programs for Indiana Public Radio from recordings of bands made around the state.

There are several computer music classes with the MUST prefix. Ask Dr. Pounds if you have questions about content or prerequisites. 

Computer Music 2 (MUST 342) - Topics focus on computer programming with Max/MSP for MIDI, audio, and video, resulting in creative projects involving student-developed virtual instruments, digital synthesis and processing. Prerequisite: MUST 241 or permission of the instructor.

Computer Composition 1 (MUST 350) - Compositional techniques involving computer processing of sound, virtual instruments, and computer control.

Human-Computer Interface Design (MUST 444/592) - Exploration of practices and techniques of human-computer interface design and implementation in musical, visual, and intermedia arts. Projects will focus on the development of human control systems for real-time artistic output. Studio laboratory time required.

Computer Music Composition 2 (MUST 450) - continuation of MUST 350

Max Allen Band Coming in December

Matt Vice is arranging for the Max Allen Band to come to the MMP studios on December 15 to work with the live sound class followed by a recording session. Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved.