MMP Newsletter - December 11, 2016

Added on by Robert Willey.

The Scene

Dan Porter sent this reminder about THE SCENE (MUSC 299X-1), the immersive learning class in partnership with Indiana Public Radio where students record, edit, and mix live shows performed by bands around the state. "We are looking to fill two audio producers and one booking/promotions coordinator positions to help record Indiana live music and produce weekly broadcasts that are distributed statewide."  You must have completed MMP 235 and 236 to apply. Contact Mr. Porter if you're interested or want more information. The class can count for guided specialization credit. Here is a link to The Scene's new website where you can listen to past episodes produced by the class:  

Virtual Instrument Design

Dr. Thompson is running another section in the spring of the Virtual Instrument Design class (MUSC 299X-2), where you learn to sample instruments and code them in Kontakt.


Dan Porter is also in charge of the MMP area's internship program. Here are some opportunities you can discuss with him for the spring. Internships must be approved in advance if you want to take the class for credit, so now is the time to talk with him if you want to sign up (MMP 494).

VILLAGE GREEN RECORDS: VGR is in need of a social media savvy intern that can book all spring in-store performances, communicate with artists, and market said shows to the BSU community.  Once the shows are booked, you will be responsible for all show pre-production and day of live sound oversight.  You will also have the opportunity to learn about the day-today operation of a record store as Travis Harvey's retail assistant.  Must have completed MMP100 to apply.
Internship at

EMENS AUDITORIUM: A tech savvy live audio intern is needed to assist the Emens Auditorium professional staff with all in-house and large scale road show productions.  Must have completed MMP330 to apply.
Internships at

BE HERE NOW:  Interns are needed to cover either live sound or marketing/booking...if the right intern can be found to cover both, that will be considered as well.  21+ only and must have completed MMP 330 to be apply.

The internships and the immersive learning project are 3 credit hour courses that require 15 hours per week of scheduled on-site time and some light reading/written work.  Each enrollment is special permission only. Applicants will first meet with the instructor of record (Daniel Porter) to determine eligibility and then with the internship site coordinator for a formal interview.

Indiana Public Radio drama

This is a call for any audio engineers who’d be willing to volunteer their time to set up and/or tear down the stage for IPR’s Holiday Radio Drama, “It’s A Wonderful Life”. 

Tech night and setup is Thursday, Dec. 15th at 5pm until late in Sursa Hall. Call time is 4:30p at IPR - room LB128 in the Letterman Building for gear transport. 

The event itself is Friday, Dec. 16th at 7:30pm in Sursa Hall. Call time TBA. Tear down roughly slated for 9pm that evening. 

If you are available and interested, please let Sean Ashcraft know via email and I’ll get back with you. The work will consist of setting up mic arrays and running lines for a music ensemble, a voice actor ensemble, foley effects artist, and other announcer mics. 

IPR student employees may clock these hours if your pay period allows. 


Dani Strong Visits MMP

Canadian country singer and songwriter Dani Strong took a took of the MMP studios on December 3. She has a number one record in Canada and is working with students in the MMP 100 class promoting the Toronto music scene.

Brazilian Music Concert

Brazilian Doctoral Student Bruno Cabrera will be leading the BSU Brazilian Percussion and Jazz Ensembles in Pruis Hall at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, December 12. This is a good opportunity to warm you up with some Carnaval heat.