MMP Newsletter - April 7, 2016

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Bass Player from WALK THE MOON to visit campus on April 20

Photo by Kylee Gregg

Photo by Kylee Gregg

Kevin Ray, the bass player from Walk the Moon ("Shut Up And Dance With Me") will be coming to campus on April 20 from 3:30–5:00 to give a Q&A in LB 125. Kevin is a graduate of the MMP program (called MET when he was here) and is coming to campus to share his experience and suggestions for making a career in the music industry...and he wants to meet YOU! Stay tuned for details on getting a request form to be excused from your class in order to attend, and how to get a ticket, as seating will be limited.

Walk the Moon has been touring all over the world.

Walk the Moon has been touring all over the world.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Courses for Summer and Fall

If you try to enroll for an MMP class and the system responds that you need permission get in touch with the instructor for an override.


Internship. Dan Porter is doing great things developing the Internship program (MMP 494). Check with him if you'd like to do one for credit online over the summer or next fall. We now require that a proposal form be filled out at least a month in advance of when classes start. Dan has many new leads on opportunities including some on campus, like helping Jeff Seitz with equipment repair, Christoph Thompson with special recording projects, live sound at Be Here Now, sales and marketing at Village Green Records, and others off campus like at the Carmel Center for the Arts.


Radio Production. Dan will also be teaching the immersive learning class The Scene (MUSC 299X). Here is your chance to learn how to record live shows and interviews off campus and turn them into radio program episodes at Indiana Public Radio.


Synthesizer Development. Christoph Thompson will be teaching an interesting new special topics course in the fall in Virtual Instrument Design (MUSC 299X). Students will be creating synthesizer plugins for release to the public.

Four of Thompson's instruments created with Kontakt and Reaktor

Four of Thompson's instruments created with Kontakt and Reaktor


Pro Tools. Avid Certified Instructor Jeff Seitz will teach MMP201 Pro Tools 101 and MMP202 Pro Tools 110 online in the summer and in the fall. Both are required in the new curriculum, and qualify for guided specialization credit for the old curriculum. Each is a one-hour class and are typically taken back-to-back in one semester.

The Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) course introduces fundamental Pro Tools concepts and principles, covering everything an individual needs to know to complete a basic Pro Tools project, from initial setup to final mixdown. Students learn to build sessions that include multi-track recordings of live audio, MIDI sequences and virtual instruments. Hands-on exercises and projects introduce essential techniques for creating sessions, recording and importing audio and MIDI, editing session media, navigating sessions and arranging media on tracks, and using basic processing and mixing techniques to finalize a production. Included with the course material is a download of media files and Pro Tools sessions to accompany the exercises and projects in the text.

Together with the second course in the series, Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PT110), this course provides the foundation training required to prepare for the Avid Certified User Pro Tools | Software certification exam.


Other summer classes:

  • Music Industry (MMP 100, 3 hours, online) - Porter and Willey
  • Songwriting (MMP 301, 2 hours, online) - Willey
  • Audio Production Workshop (MMP 430) - Thompson
  • Music Retail Products (MMP 492, 2 hours, online) - Willey. This class is designed to be taken the summer after your junior year.



The Music Collection is now hiring for three Summer, 2016 student assistants. There is the option to continue during the Fall semester depending on scheduling and availability.  Most of their student employees work about 15 hours per week.  Graduate students may also apply for student positions.
Interested students should apply via the Career Center’s Cardinal Career Link for position #812.

Refer to the March 25th issue of the Newsletter for information on positions at Indiana Public Radio.

Taylor Swift in Muncie

You may have missed the story from Taylor Swift about her positive experience in Muncie last week. “Well, we had a flat tire just as we were about to leave the city limits of Muncie and two, maybe three cars pulled over within five minutes to help us with it. And no, they had no idea who I was before they pulled over. They were very helpful and very friendly. I gotta say, I was really impressed with the people of Muncie! That would’ve never happened in L.A.!”

MMP Internet Radio station launching

Dr. Willey received a CFA grant to launch our own Internet radio station and associated website. This summer we will be streaming original music and promoting Indiana artists. If you have original music you'd like played, fill out the form with information about it, and then send an email to from the email address you used on the form with the subject heading "Song submission". In the email indicate the name of the song is and attach a good quality .mp3.

Contact Dr. Willey if you want to be involved with reviewing submissions, setting up the programs, or contributing to the website.

Want to be a contestant on THE SONG?

Entries are being accepted for the next episode of THE SONG. Create a 120-second video of yourself with an introduction and upload it for review. If Ball State gets behind the series the producers hope to produce five episodes on campus this summer.

According to the Huffington Post, THE SONG is a better deal than NBC's Songland and the producers seem genuinely interested in helping songwriters get exposure. "The Song is a celebration of the song, performed by the songwriter who wrote it (or a surrogate of his or her choice). Plain and simple. And everyone involved is determined to keep it as such." —Shelly Peiken

Jeff McDonald's Visit to MMP

Jeff McDonald visited the MMP department last week and was pleased with the students he interviewed.

He said that they are increasingly looking for people with live sound experience. "It helps develop understanding of signal flow, being able to multitask, and solve problems on the fly. It’s more like an improvised jazz performance than a classical performance from a score."

Jeff also gave a talk while he was on campus for MMP students about opportunities at Sweetwater. "Most people have a negative image of salespeople, and as a result about sales as a career. But when you ask them a different way about whether they’d like to help people achieve their dreams most everyone raises their hand. Become an expert so you can listen better to people talk about their problems and dreams, and then help realize them."