MMP Newsletter - May 5, 2016

Added on by Robert Willey.

Peyton Cox's EP Pendulum Launched at Planetarium

A crowd showed up on April 27th for Peyton Cox's MMP495 presentation at the Brown Planetarium. Dayna Thompson, the planetarium's assistant director, programmed and operated the controls based on Peyton's choice of effects. The video that Dayna shot from a camera pointed at the 52 ft. dome on YouTube doesn't convey nearly the same enveloping experience, but it at least hints at what it included. Look for an encore presentation in the fall.

Directing Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band Videos

Taylor Matthews (Conducting) and Ali Hegedus (MMP) teamed up on a new initiative for the School of Music's streamed concert series. Taylor met with Drs. Caneva and Hand in advance to of the final Wind Ensemble / Symphony band concert for the semester and took suggestions on points of interest to highlight in the videos and after making some notes on what to look for sat in the Sursa Hall recording booth passing instructions to Ali at the controls of the cameras and video switchers. This allows for more precise composition of shots that reveal details of the music rather. Let Dr. Willey know if you'd like to be a video operator next year and continue with this use of video direction as an application of the study of music theory, composition, and conducting.

Watch the video of the concert.

Digital Corps Delivers New Tour Videos

The students in Digital Corps produced four new videos for us showcasing our facilities. Please share the link to the playlist with your friends and family that haven't been through the studios to give them an idea of the spaces where you work.

Jingle Contest Winners

1st place
Jeremy Nevil: "Got My Bike"

"Got My Bike" is an original song written, recorded, and produced by Jeremy Nevil to accompany Bike Muncie's official jingle video.

Bike Muncie's Website:

2nd place
Drew Tomasik and Aaron Joseph: "Thai Smile (2)"

3rd place
Ryan Sheehan and Alex Rodriguez: "RP's Pizza"






Earn Album Credit This Summer

The Indigos are looking for engineers and assistant engineers to help them finish their album this summer. If you'd like to work with them in Studio 2 and Soundhouse C contact Derek Hutchinson (219-775-6700 or Matt Mellen (219-263-9234).

But wait... there's #%&* more!!!

Two immersive learning classes produced videos this semester:

Conn-Selmer, the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in the United States, is developing a website to provide continuing education for music teachers. This immersive learning project partnered with them to create new content featuring Ball State's School of Music faculty and students demonstrating techniques on a variety of instruments.

Conn-Selmer educational videos - Dr. Willey's class created 15 educational videos focusing on brass instruments.










Hastings Piano Competition Documentary

In November 2015, the Ball State School of Music hosted the North American Preliminary Round of the Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition. The Preliminary Round took place over three days and attracted some of the finest pianists from across the country and Canada.

Dr. Thompson's class produced a documentary about the Hastings Piano Competition held this fall in the School of Music.