MMP Newsletter - June 16, 2016

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Gear Fest Starts Tomorrow

Tonight there was a party to celebrate the start of Gear Fest, which will happen tomorrow and Friday, June 17–18 at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne. Tomorrow there will be another party after Gear Fest Saturday evening, again in their new Pavilion. The Sweetwater R&B band will include Mark Hornsby, Don Carr, Nick D'Virgillio, Phil Naish, Sweetwater CEO Chuck Surack, Brett Kelsey, along with Kat Bowser, Bob Bailey and Adam Johnson.

Chuck got his start doing remote recording out of his VW van, and branched out to making sample sets for an early Kurzweil keyboard, which let to working for a lot of A-list recording artists like Stevie Wonder. When you enter the building there is a display along the left wall showing all the vintage gear he used.

There's a good chance you'll see Mr. Surack there himself welcoming visitors. Take the opportunity to shake his hand and introduce yourself as a Music Media Production student at Ball State University.

There will be a reception hosted by the School of Music on Saturday, June 18 from 6:00–8:00 p.m. at Don's Guesthouse 10 minutes away from Sweetwater in Fort Wayne for MMP students—past, present, and future. Do your best to go to Gear Fest, the largest music products show in the United States that is free and open to the public and take in some of the many presentations and workshops on Friday and/or Saturday, and please join us Saturday evening if you can.

Now that Sweetwater has 1000 employees they needed a bigger place to meet.

Now that Sweetwater has 1000 employees they needed a bigger place to meet.

Kevin Ray Returning to Teach Class in Fall

We are in final negotiations with Kevin Ray (MMP alumnus and bass player in Walk the Moon) to have him be the lead guest teacher in a new class called "Surviving the Music Business" (MUSC299X-3) in the fall. Dan Porter will be organizing the 2-hour class and will bring in an experienced panel of guest lecturers. Kevin will be coming to campus 5 times. The class is scheduled to meet Wednesday evenings from 5:00–7:00 p.m. in LB 125. The class will count for guided specialization credit for MMP majors, and it is open students in other departments, so please pass the word.

Music Retail Products Class

The new Music Retail Products class being taught online this summer is open to the public. We are using the Sweetwater ProGear guide as the textbook and many of their other resources. The students are writing case studies of representative companies.

Job at Markeys

Kalalau Cantrell, one of our alumni, let us know that Markey's is hiring:

"The hours would be somewhere between part-time and full-time (weeks seem to vary between 25 and sometimes 40 hrs), and it would be an events driven schedule meaning frequent nights and weekends and varying shifts times and lengths. The types of show that occurs at the Crane Bay vary widely anywhere from a wedding to a corporate meeting to a full on rock show.  I'm not sure what skill level they're exactly looking for but I don't see them turning someone down that would need just a little training to fill in any gaps in knowledge (e.g. not knowing lighting or video; or, being strong in studio audio and needing some help applying those skills to live audio)."

Kalalau Cantrell <>