MMP Newsletter - August 22, 2016

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Welcome to the 2016–17 academic year!

We hope you will grow as people, musicians, and music producers. We are looking for ways to foster character strengths that contribute to success and happiness, such as communication skillsgrit (perseverance to accomplish long-term goals) and self-control (ability to resist distractions that get in the way of doing the work). 

Music Needed for Commercial and Animated Films

We have started a new collaboration with the Animation department and look forward to a number of interesting opportunities this year to supply undergrad and grad films with custom music.

1) The first project that needs to be done soon is a commercial for Ball State for which they want 2 to 3 minutes of music for a BSU commercial that will appeal to high school students but not alienate state legislators. For one past project they used an R&B groove. Communicate with Drs. Willey or Pounds if you would like to get involved. 

2) The second opportunity are Animation department show reels for undergraduate and graduate students made in the past with library music:

For these they would like a 10-sec intro/buildup, sections of 30-sec, and a 10-sec ending that they can edit together with the animations. Contact Drs. Willey or Pounds if you're interested.

3) The third project are undergrad and grad films that will start to take shape at the end of the fall semester and finished during the spring and then entered into film festivals. You could do these through composition lessons. Contact Dr. Pounds if you're interested.

Open Classes

You can apply a maximum of 6 hours of MUSC 299X towards guided specialization. 

MUSC 299X-3 “Surviving the Music Business” with Dan Porter, Kevin Ray, and other guest speakers. 2 credits, Wednesdays, 5:00­–7:00 p.m. Counts for guided specialization credit. No prerequisites.

MUSC 299X-2 “Virtual Instrument Design” with Christoph Thompson. 3 credits, time TBA. Students will learn to sample instruments and singers to create synthesizer plugins which will be distributed using the Kontakte and Studio One platforms. Email Dr. Thompson ( for prerequisites. 

MUSC 299X-1 “The Scene” with Dan Porter. 3 credits, time TBA. Meets at Indiana Public Radio in the Letterman Building. Create radio programs from live band performances around the state. Email Mr. Porter ( for prerequisites.

MUSP 436 “Electroacoustic Ensemble”. 1 credit, time TBA. A cooperative, flexible group that will work together to explore and experiment with electronic technology in performance. Various levels of knowledge and experience are welcome, and participants can share knowledge, tools and resources. Programming skills (Max, Pure Data, SuperCollider, Reaktor, etc.) are certainly helpful, but not necessarily required. Contact Dr. Pounds (


Friday Aug. 26 will be the deadline for add/drops this semester. No classes on Sept. 5, October 10–11, November 23–25. Course withdrawal period ends October 26. Last day of classes December 12. Check the Academic Calendar for more details.


Amanda Droste in the the School of Music office is now advising all undergraduate students in the School of Music. Make an appointment or visit her during morning or afternoon drop-in hours to discuss your degree map and general music questions. Area Coordinators and primary applied teachers will be the first point of contact if there are curriculum questions.

Kevin Gerrity is the new Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs in Music.

Dan Porter is the MMP department's Internship coordinator.

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