MMP Newsletter - August 8, 2016

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Just two more weeks until school starts! Let Dr. Willey know what you've been up to share the news in the next issue of the Newsletter.

Germany's University of Popular Music and Music Business

Christoph Thompson was in Germany this summer, and one of his stops was for a tour at the Mannheim Pop Akademie. We hope to begin work on some collaborative projects and receive a visit from their faculty in the spring.

Film Scoring Experience

Joshua Kattner is a former MMP major who is now doing his degree in TCOM. He has scored quite a number of short films and is someone you should network with if you are interested in film sound or scoring.

"I am looking for musicians and engineers to record music for a promo video for Muncie Innovation Connector, a group that looks for opportunities to license Ball State intellectual property, and a short film of his own called Lucy's Lullaby.

8 to 10 violins
2 to 4 violas
2 to 4 cellos
Female Vocalists

3 recording engineers
Sound Assistant(s)

Musicians will be compensated a flat rate of $100 per session. The engineers will have the possibility of being paid depending on how the budgetary meetings play out. Rehearsal(s) will be a part of the 3hr session(s). The tentative recording date is set for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22 @ 2:00PM. Music will be disbursed to musicians 3-5 weeks prior to the recording date(s). 

Since these are professional projects, I would want to treat individuals with professionalism and pay what individuals are worth, within reason of course for short indie film budgets. 

These projects are due to be completed by the beginning of November. Lucy's Lullaby has a runtime of roughly 9min with 6-7min of score to record. The Innovation Connector Short Film has a runtime of roughly 4min with 3-4min of score to record. 

If there are any questions about the project and/or you would want to meet up personally with myself or the directors please email us at: or Call/Text +1(765)-702-7855.

Joshua N. Kattner
CEO, Pure Note LLC

BSU Email:: 

Fall Classes

Dan Porter is wrapping up the list of guest speakers for MUSC 299X-3 "Surviving the Music Business" that will meet Wednesday evenings from 5:00–7:00 p.m. Kevin Ray, BSU alumnus and Walk The Moon bassist will be teaching five of the sessions. The 2-hour courses can be used for MMP guided specialization credit and will include many aspects of the music business not otherwise covered in the curriculum.

Christoph Thompson will be teaching MUSC 299X-2 "Virtual Instrument Design" in which students will learn to sample instruments and singers to create synthesizer plugins which will be distributed using the Kontakte and Studio One platforms. This will be another class to consider for guided specialization credit and a great opportunity to diversify your music production skills. We hope to grow the project in the spring into a business and entrepreneurial learning project.Contact Dan Porter immediately if you're interested in earning credit for an internship in the fall. Proposals are normally due a month before the semester begins.

Middletown Radio

If you're looking from relief from the hyper-produced textures pounded out on commercial airwaves, point your browser or phone towards Middletown Radio streaming commercial-free originals from the midwest on the Internet 24 hours a day, including rebroadcasts of The Scene M-F from 9:00–11:00 am. Contact Dr. Willey if you'd like to be part of the team developing the technical and managerial aspects of the station, possibly for MMP 491 (Independent Study) credit.

Faculty Updates

We are excited to welcome back old and new faculty. Michael Pounds will be returning in the fall after a year's sabbatical to teach acoustics, composition, and computer music (synthesis and human interfaces). Chin Ting (Patrick) Chan will be joining the Theory/Comp department to teach composition and computer music (synthesis and Max).

Dr. Willey taught an online class in Music Retail Products over the summer. The content is open anytime you want to use the resources to prepare for a career in sales and support. The 2-hour class will be offered online in future summers.

News from Last Year's Grads

Ethan Hardwick has taken a position as Technical Arts Director and Worship Assistant at Brookville Road Community Church in New Palestine, Indiana. I will be in charge of all technical equipment and production for services and events, but will also get to use the musical part of my training by helping lead worship for Saturday night services, training musicians, charting songs, etc. Ethan got to know Bob Katz through the webinar in MMP430 last spring, and took him up on Katz's offer to master one of his songs in his Florida studio over the summer. "I got to spend two and a half hours with him, he showed me around, and mastered the song with me while I got to watch, listen, and ask questions."

Joe Trinite has been working at as an audio engineer at Transient Sound in Chicago. "I assisted on the Kurt Elling recordings, met both Rob Mounsy and Steven Rodby, and joined up with the Minor Ninths as their lead guitar playerworking on an album at Pressure Point studios with producer Chris Schneider, who apparently worked with some big names like Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. I was also given a reggaetone session to produce and that's going really well, too. I was invited to some sort of Grammy event, and on August 30th our studio is hosting an EARS meeting in which 50+ engineers and producers are attending, the program is being run by Harry Brotman."

Alexis Sanford is working as an audio engineer at Interlochen. Allison Swingley was there as a team leader over the summer and is starting sales training at Sweetwater. 

Alex Balestra accepted a job in digital audio networking at Attero Tech in Ft. Wayne. Mackenzie McErlane is interning at Aire Born Studios.

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