MMP Newsletter - February 13, 2017

Added on by Robert Willey.

Visit from Røde Microphones

On February 20th the members of the BSU faculty jazz combo will be recorded using a variety of the latest Røde microphones. This open session with their representative, Ryan White will allow both students and audio professionals to hear the faculty jazz combo, see the studios, and experience a professional recording session. Contact Dr. Thompson for more information.


Visit Creative Research Space in Cooper Science Building

The Office of Information Technology and the College of Sciences and Humanities will host a reception for the Fulldome Media Production Lab on February 16th between 2:30-4:30pm in CP 90. Light refreshments will be provided. The lab is a collaborative production studio between BSU's IDIA Lab and the Department of Physics and Astronomy. With the launch of the Charles W. Brown Planetarium, the former planetarium has been reinvented to become a powerful creative research space for the production of immersive fulldome planetarium programming. Several computer-savvy MMP and Sonic Arts grads are employed at IDIA working on human interfaces and other projects.

Cardinal Film Fights Recruiting Members for New Production Team

Stuart Elmore is recruiting MMP students to do audio for the second season of Cardinal Film Fights video podcast. The show is recorded in the MMP studios. There are a number of opportunities that required a relatively low time commitment to produce a new episode each two weeks. Contact Stuart if you are interested in being part of a production team for these or other positions:

Chief Sound Engineer: run the Studio 1 board, hook up mics in Soundhouse A, record up to 6 channels for the podcast. 3 hours every other week.  Make it sound good, adjust levels during show.

Assistant Sound Engineer: set up mics, cables, gaffer tape, Avioms, fill in for Chief Sound Engineer if they have to miss. 3 hours every other week.

Audio Editor:  take audio after it has been recorded, take out peaks, maintain good levels, add a little compression and EQ for podcast. 1 hours every other week.

Recording Opportunities

Here are some of the latest recording requests. Contact Dr. Willey if you are interested.

Hiromi Sasaki: doctoral student recording a keyboard suite composed by Jean-Philippe Rameau for her dissertation, in Sursa Hall.

Voice of Triumph performing January 24, 2017 at Ball State University, recorded by Adam Jefferies.

Voice of Triumph: BSU's student gospel choir, on a Tuesday night between 6:30-8:30 in Soundhouse A. There are 15 members in the group plus piano. I think it would be worth experimenting with double tracking the three male singers. There may be some students from TCOM making a video combining the audio.

Alex Balestra: hip-hop and jazz styles, recording a small drum set, piano, and possibly some MIDI recording from a keyboard. Alex says this would be a cool project for someone who wants the experience, without requiring a lot of time/effort, as he and his partner know the songs well. Check Alex out on SoundCloud. Here's a demo of what he's working on with Peter for this project: