MMP Newsletter - April 27, 2017

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Report on Cleve Scott's Visit

Cleve Scott working at the Arp synthesizer

Cleve Scott working at the Arp synthesizer

Cleve Scott came back to campus on April 24th. He spoke in Soundhouse C and attended the EM|4 concert in his honor in the evening. Photos of some of those in attendance are on Box. A 3-CD set is in the works with compositions by past and present students and faculty released on the Beneficence label.

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Jeff Seitz made this page about Cleve and the history of the MET program.

Results of Songwriting Contest

The MMP area's first songwriting contest took place on April 14th at Be Here Now. It came off very well, thanks to planning by Christoph Thompson and Dr. Hourigan. Congratulations to all those who participated and to the winners:

Jeremy Nevil

Jeremy Nevil

1st Prize - Jeremy Nevil - Trip to Germany and tuition to the Popakadamie's summer program in Mannheim.

2nd Prize - Katie Hall - Recording Session in MMP Studios

3rd Prize - Aaron Gecowets - Gig at Be Here Now

Noteflight Songwriting Competition

Noteflight and Berklee have announced a new a songwriting contest. You are invited over the to submit your best melody, lyrics, and chords for a chance to win a lesson with a Berklee faculty member, enrollment in any Berklee Online Songwriting Course ($1,200+ value), and have your song digitally published by Hal Leonard Corporation. Entries are due in Noteflight format by June 30th. Learn more about the submission process here.

MMP 495 Capstone Presentations

The MMP 495 class gave three-minute overviews on March 29th of their senior capstone projects, and demonstrated a great variety of interesting projects this year showing the range of activities that can be accomplished using skills developed in the program.

Video with three-minute overviews of this semester's senior capstone projects.

It is recommended that you attend one or more of the full presentations taking place in Soundhouse C in order to learn from your colleagues' experience, and to get ideas for your own capstone. The schedule is:

Thursday, April 27

7:00 Dustin Burks: A Guide to Career Options

7:30 Michael Tabor: Acoustical Analysis of MMP studios

8:00 David Rohrer: Certifying Assistant Engineers

Friday, April 28

5:30 Kaitlyn DelleDonne: Film Score Composition

Monday, May 1

6:00 Gavin Kidder: Storybook Radio Drama

6:30 Zach Matthews: Z-Theremin

7:00 Ian James: Composing for Drone Footage

Tuesday, May 2

6:00 Myron Fett: Guitar Synthesizer

6:30 Cory Runyon: Music Production in a Live Venue

7:00 Ryan Sheehan: Jam Tracks

Wednesday, May 3

6:00 Adam Jefferies: Music for Gaming [ paper ]

6:30 Alex Knight: Using Interviews to Promote Bands

7:00 McKay Powers: Making Your Music Marketable

7:30 Alex Rodriguez and Sean Alvarez: Parallel Performance

8:30 Josh Kerwin: Website to Promote My Performing