MMP Newsletter - April 9, 2017

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Register Now for Summer Classes

These MMP classes will be taught online this summer:

MMP 100 - Survey of Music Industry - 3 hours, Dan Porter and Robert Willey

MMP 201 / 202 - Pro Tools Production 1 and 2 - 1 hour each, 2 hours total, Jeff Seitz
These two classes cover the essentials you need to know to complete a complete Pro Tools project. The curriculum is meant as a supplement to MMP 235, 236, and 335.

MMP 280 - Music Products and Industry - 2 hours, Robert Willey
This class is designed to help you prepare to apply for jobs at Sweetwater and other music products companies. For more information, visit

MMP 301 - Songwriting - 2 hours, Robert Willey

MMP 494 - Internship - 3 hours, Dan Porter

On Campus:

MMP 430 - Production Workshop - 3 hours, Christoph Thompson

Founder of the Program Returns

Cleve Scott was the founder and architect of the Music Engineering Technology program at Ball State, which later evolved into the Music Media Production and Industry and Sonic Arts programs. He came to Ball State in 1970 to direct the New Music Ensemble and develop an electronic music studio and curriculum. Early purchases included the Arp 2500 synthesizer that we still use. The BM degree with emphasis Music Engineering Technology degree was first offered in 1989, and Dr. Scott helped with planning beginning in 1999 for the new Music Instruction Building, which was completed in 2004.

Dr. Scott will be back on Monday, April 24th to discuss music technology with students at 4:00 p.m. in Soundhouse C, followed by the EM | 4 concert at 7:30 p.m. in his honor in Sursa Hall. Please mark your calendar for both events and take advantage to meet the founder of the program, benefit from his unique perspective, and to learn more of the history and development of our program and facilities.

Here is an interview with Dr. Scott back in the 1990s when the music technology studio was located in a house on Bethel:






Keith Kothman, Michael Pounds, and Jeff Seitz wrote a studio report in 2004. Pounds and Seitz were both students of Cleve, and Dr. Nagel was hired at Ball State to work with him.

Computer music offerings and other electives for fall semester

The following computer music classes are available in the fall semester. These classes can fulfill elective requirements for your degree. MMP students should sign up for MUST 121 if they have not already taken it.

MUST 121 Introduction to Computer Music
An introductory course in computer music. Topics include digital audio, musique concrete, MIDI, digital audio workstations, audio synthesis and sampling. Creative projects and laboratory time mandatory.

MUST 241 Computer Music 1
Intermediate applications in computer music synthesis, processing, and programming focusing on expanding technical and creative control of computer music parameters, and extending knowledge of synthesis and audio processing techniques. Laboratory time is mandatory. Prerequisite: C or better grade in MUST 122 or MMP 125; or permission of the instructor.

MUST 350 Computer Composition 1
Composition using the computer for the generation and/or control of music. Presents compositional techniques involving computer processing of sound, virtual instruments, and computer control. Prerequisite: MUST 212, 241, or permission of the instructor.

MUST 450 Computer Composition 2
Advanced composition using computer means. A continuation of MUST 350. Prerequisite: MUST 350 or permission of the instructor.

In addition, we are planning to offer the Electroacoustic Ensemble, MUSP 436. This fall, the ensemble will focus more on performance and improvisation. Advanced technical skills are not required.

Also, if we have enough students, we can run a section of MUST 445 Music Perception. Let Dr. Pounds know if you are interested or have questions.