Student portfolios in the MMP area are assembled using the free Box cloud storage offered by Ball State University. Follow these steps to set up the environment for your portfolio there:

If you're using Safari, see how to put it temporarily in Unsafe Mode. If you can, do this process with Firefox or Chrome browser instead.

1) Log into your Box account. It is free cloud storage that Ball State has arranged for you while you are a student.

2) Download the zipped folder with the sub folders for your various classes. Find it in your downloads. Uncompress it if it is still zipped (with a .zip filename extension) by double clicking on the name. The Portfolio folder has subfolders—one for each class.

3) Upload the Portfolio folder to your Box folder:

  • Click on "Upload", then click on "Folders".
  • Wait a while. If you have a recent enough version of Java installed on your system you should eventually get a dialogue box asking if you want to run the Java app that allows you to upload folders. Click on "Run".
  • On Firefox, click on "Add files". Wait a while. Navigate to and select the Portfolio folder. Click on "Choose". Click on "Upload". The process is a little more streamlined in Chrome.
  • Notice that there is a file in the Portfolio folder named "Recording Session Documentation Form.txt". Move this file somewhere else on your computer and edit a copy of it each time you want to document one of your portfolio projects.
  • You should now have a folder called "Portfolio" in your Box account. If you open it you should see a folder for different classes. In each folder there is a subfolder called "Outside Projects", and inside that a folder for the first outside project and another for the second.

You are supposed to do two outside projects in addition to your regular assignments each semester in 200+ level classes. When you do an outside project, fill out the Recording Session Documentation Form.txt and upload a copy into the 1st or 2nd folder for outside projects for whichever class you are in. Upload a stereo .mp3 or .wav file of the project into the same folder. You should end up with a stereo recording and documentation for each of your projects. Your teachers may ask you to upload a "Classwork" folder for their courses. For example, MMP301 students will be given a "Classwork" folder tailored to assignments for that class to put in the MMP301 folder alongside its "Outside Projects" folder.

4) In order to make folders available to others, select the folder you want to make public and then click Share. Change Access to "People with the link"

5) Install Box Edit on your computer so that you can view and edit text files on your Box account from your browser.