Student Productions

Phase 5:  Songwriting Students Create Music Videos

Video Example 19: "Tools" by Adam Jefferies. The repetition of the title line is reinforced by repeating the same show of the three vocalists.

Video Example 20: The Indigos involved many of their friends, inspired by BSU alumnus Kevin Ray and his band Walk the Moon, whose one-shot video led to being signed to a record deal and hit song, "Shut Up And Dance With Me."

Video Example 21: "Step Off" by Myron Fett (bass) and Mike Tabor. There is repetition with shots of guitar playing, air drums, and his cat.

Video Example 22: Keenan Pfotenhauer made an audio and video recording of the worship team at Union Chapel singing the song "Alive" for his capstone project.

Video Example 23: Play through video of "Better Than This" that Sam Gordon performed, recorded, and mixed in the BSU Music Media Production studios for a song by his band, The Orphan, The Poet

Jared Sulllivan recorded the video.


Phase 6:  Conducting Students Direct Camera Operator/Switcher

Video Example 24: Unprepared recording from Die Fledermaus

Recording at Ball State University of a performance of Die Fledermaus, recorded by a student that was not familiar with the production.

Here we see a series of wide shots. The operator can't do much more if they don't know the score in advance and aren't sure who is going to get the next solo.

Video Example 25: Prepared recording two students made of the Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band

Conducting student on the left working from a score he had previously prepared to direct the music production student on the right on which camera angles to get and when to switch from one to another.

Video Example 26: Excerpts showing results of student directing team

This is how the stream looked, including a variety of camera angles focused on featured sections of the ensemble.



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